Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Do you have yellow, sticky walls in your restaurant's kitchen? Does your kitchen feel a bit hotter than usual? Do your kitchen staffs' eyes sting? These are all signs that your exhaust hood is not clean and working as efficiently as it should.

ARI Mechanical started our exhaust hood cleaning group for one reason: to give our customers the same level of service they are accustomed to receive by our commercial refrigeration group. Often our customers state they had just recently had their exhaust hoods cleaned, only to find out the previous contractor was not cleaning them properly. Potentially, causing a major fire hazard. At ARI, we take this very seriously, as it is our mission to eliminate those fire hazards associated with dirty exhaust hoods.

In CA, these cleanings should be performed by professionals who are certified in the processes to perform these cleaning services, which goes beyond a bottle of solvents and a scraper. Our trained professionals utilize high-powered machinery and appropriate chemicals to remove the chronic build-up of kitchen grease. Our ultimate goal? To service restaurants and help them protect their considerable investments by thoroughly cleaning and inspecting kitchen systems to keep them fire hazard-free. Our protocol follows a personal code of ethics, as well as local, state and national standards, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 96, which clearly details the minimum fire safety requirements of commercial kitchen operations. We adhere to these standards 100%.

Our multi-step cleaning protocol includes:

• Up-blast fans inside and out
• Clean exhaust duct system thoroughly
• Vent A Hood
• All Filters
• Grease trays and drip pans
• Polish hood

A certificate of performance decal is placed on your hood for fire inspectors or any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) certifying that your systems has been cleaned to NFPA 96 Standards.

We also perform an After-service Follow Up Report, which includes digital photos of which we file with your company's account.


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